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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 19, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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measure in baltimore city. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> first up, we have breaking news to tell you about. police say a man has been abducted and they need your help finding him. >> it happened around 9:00 tonight in west baltimore. police believe the unidentified man was taken about a block from the station in a burgundy colored band was temporary tags on it. he saw a van in that neighborhood around 9:00 tonight, you are urged to call baltimore city police. we will bring an update as soon as one becomes available. >> if you are good time turns into bad behavior on the streets of baltimore, be prepared to pay up. >> there is a bill that would increase fines on everything from disorderly conduct a public urination. tonight, and as a dance for the
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baltimore city council. kerry cavanaugh is live tonight -- tonight in has advanced through the baltimore city council. >> no one can agree on how much the new fines would generate for the cash strapped city. estimates range up to $10,000 a night. that the hr crowd is tame in south pointe, but is what happens after last call that concerns the city council president. >> they urinate, defecate in the yards behind the businesses. they scream, yell, fight, while residents are trying to sleep. >> who is chaperoning him? he has had a lot to drink. >> the solution, a slab of vendors with steep fines. >> is a fine -- slap offend ers with steep fines.
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the bill would increase the fine for drinking alcohol at an open container in public from $50 to $500. breaking the rules at a city park jobs from $200 to $500. the fine for spitting in public goes to $200. the public urination find bonds to $750. >> when some rowdies abuse the neighborhood, we like them to pay the price. >> the think when they got sober up the next day and they are looking at at $750 ticket they will learn their lesson? >> they are living their private lives in public spaces. for example, there are no public toilets to speak of in
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baltimore. >> opponents include public defenders, who would face an explosion of new cases. >> that person will be more inclined to contest the citation and clogged the already stressed court system. >> it is unclear what percent of people could currently pay the penalties. the city council will vote on this measure next month. kerry cavanaugh, wbal tv news. >> a major development in baltimore's controversial bottled beverage tax proposal, designed to help close this these glaring budget deficit. a majority of city council members today announced they will not support the mayor's plan to add 4 cents to the price of of water and so sold in the city. the tax promise to raise $11 million, but opponents are worried it would help -- hurt
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consumers and jeopardize convenience stores. >> we say to the council, come up with something or as an alternative, denied a stand on the sideline, but come up with something comprehensive that will meet the needs of our people. >> the mayor's office says the revenue estimates for this plant are either low or not verify. in the meantime, we invite you to head to for more on the bottled beverage tax and also today's developments. we also want to know what you think. do you agree with the city council's decision not to support the bottle tax? standard text messaging rates to apply. here is a look at the results as we have them so far. the 86% of those who have texted said they agree with the decision. 44% say they do not.
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>> there is a growing number of animal abuse cases. tonight, local law enforcement is stepping up efforts to curb this disturbing trend. kim, which agencies in particular are stepping up? >> it is the city police and the sheriff's office who are stepping up and finding new ways to help with the animal abuse problem. we caught up with them tonight at the anti-animal abuse task force meeting. >> akasha is recovering after a man with a machete attack her last week. christie is another pit bull who survived an attack on easter sunday, but this weekend, another puppet was not so lucky. he died from being on a golf course. >> these cases have really caused a lot of concern among the citizens of baltimore who are asking for greater attention to these horrible cruelty cases.
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>> that is where the city's anti-animal task -- animal abuse task force have been working. several police districts have implemented training program for officers on animal abuse and all districts will soon take the train. >> we think it is a priority that each of the nine police districts have officers that are trained in science of animal abuse, what to look for, and how to proceed. we will work closely with the task force to implement those recommendations. >> is a very important and progressive step. the first step is to get the public to recognize it and reported, to get the police to respond and properly investigate. >> the city sheriff's offices also be more proactive against animal cruelty. new policies are now in action. >> they are being encouraged to take enforcement action and they come in contact with these things. they will be writing reports and tracking these things. >> the share also wrote a letter
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to the head of the maryland police training commission asking that he made all law enforcement recruits in the state of maryland coach through animal cruelty training. the anti-animal abuse task force will hold a public meeting june 16 at polytechnic high school. anyone is welcome to come and comment or share their own ideas. >> an update on the 26 abused courses taken from a garrett county form. -- 26 of used horses. two truckloads of excess and will be donated to help feed those courses. the form is caring for 90 horses at in all, and its resources are being strained. we are told humane society is close to filing charges. >> someone's terrible racist and offensive messages on a
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baltimore county sidewalk, and tonight police want to know who that was. fire crews were there to help clean up the hay field messages. police say it was written in what they think was chocolate. they are investigating it as a hate crime and asking anyone who may have information about to give them a call. low rent land deals to tell you about tonight. the city moved in to take inventory of thousands of acres of land that it owns all of the region. >> on the list in baltimore county, how these properties may have slipped through the cracks. >> it is called a fullerton reservoir site, and undeveloped plot of land near white marsh in baltimore county that will someday be home to a new water filtration plant. for that reason, the land is owned by the city.
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about 17 acres are pleased to a former by trade who is also a county councilman and now a candidate for county executive. he uses some of the land as part of his business. >> a few acres we still used for vegetables and flowers, up close to the house. the rest of it we used for hay for my daughter's forces. >> bartenfelder pays just a little bit in rent. so little, he had to call his wife to get the exact amount. >> she said that the bill we got last year was 4 $225.10. >> how he managed such a deal has a long history. the land in what was originally owned by his family starting in 1903. in 1960, the city acquired it and agreed to lease part of it back to the family so they could continue to farm it. according to city records, that
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first lease was apparently signed in 1964 and require rental payment from the bartenfelders for $140 per year. years passed without an updated list. in 1996, a city real-estate official inspected the site and decided new leases were needed. everyone at the fullerton side is paying rent that amounts far below market rates. in 1997, a new lease was drawn up, raising the rent for the lead to $168 a year. 2003 the city proposed another new lease, raising the rent to $804 a year. bartenfelder cited, but the city did not. the higher rent was never impose. >> do you have any recollection as to how that could have happened? >> i need to take a look at and find out what happened. >> how that could happen, that there could be so little attention to that.
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>> we are taking a look at least right now and we will be sure that will pay fair market value. >> joe bartenfelder says pay more rent for the line is fine with him. he said it is only example of how not to do the government's business. >> this tells me that if i had been running my form like this since 32 years ago, i might have formed for about 10 years, and then would just be looking for work. >> real estate officials will inspect the fullerton site tomorrow. bartenfelder has -- says he previously was not aware he may have had to disclose it. >> walmart is pulling a line of maile cyrus story from store shelves. tests show it contains toxic
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levels of the metal and cadmium. there is concern that kids will put the jury in their mouth. long-term exposure could lead to bone softening and kidney development and could even hinder brain development in children. >> summit in maryland are way behind on their mortgage payments, but they are not alone. >> still ahead, look at the oil spill in the gulf from out on the water. >> we want to do this well, and do it in a way that allows us to expand the program. >> one local school is changing the way your children learn. >> hd doppler shows the last of the sprinkles and clubs beginning to move out. that means cooler temperatures on the way as we head into the weekend. with are out of the southwest at 5. 5.
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>> president barack obama welcome mexican pres. felipe calderon to the white house today. they are talking about arizona controversial immigration law, making it a crime to be in the u.s. illegally. both strongly oppose the state law. >> we are examining any implications, especially for civil rights, because the united states of america, no law- abiding person, be they an american citizen, and -- illegal immigrants or a visitor from mexico should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like. >> obama and calderon also discussed the drug war in in mexico and the gulf of mexico oil spill. in southern louisiana tonight, it is no longer a question of when the oil may creep into the wetlands. it is already there. now there is evidence that could spread all the way to the
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florida keys. >> jay gray brings us the first and look up some of the biggest oil. >> they continue to push out into the gulf, searching for pockets of oil. as we toured the area with governor bobby jindal, it became clear, it is too late for booms here. >> when the tide changed, it did not slow down. >> it is not likely to leave anytime soon. four days, there has been a thin sheen here, but now this thick, black, crude, has moved into the marshes and will be almost impossible to get out. >> it just mothers everything it goes on. >> that the, toxic blanket, evidence of what the governor calls a sickness here. >> we know some damage has already happened. >> that cancer is spreading. scientists now believe the light
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oil sheen has been swept up by the gulf current that could carry it into the florida keys. >> we expect most of that to dissipate or degrade before it comes close to threatening the south florida area. >> back in louisiana, the impact is already being felt. >> it is going to destroy everything in this march. >> more than 100,000 marylanders are laid on their mortgage payments in the first quarter of 2010, according to the mortgage bankers association. about 9.8% of mortgage loans or at least one month past due here in maryland. mortgage delinquency rose to a record 10% in the first three months of the year. experts are not exactly panicking. they say a similar unadjusted rate fell, but they are not saying whether that is good
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news or bad news for the u.s. housing market. in tonight's education aulard, a longtime volcanic ash click school is about to change the way it teaches did is. >> it is set to adopt montessori method of learning. tim tooten shows us it will be the first in the area to adopt the freestyle learning program, but it may not be the last. >> the change is more than a year away, but already parents want to know how using montessori will improve student learning. >> i am really interested in learning more about it and see ing how the school will roll it out. i have heard great things about montessori. >> it is similar to have students are learning at this baltimore city campus which opened two years ago. students learn at their own pace and with different age groups in the same classroom. saint pius parents just hope
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what will not change is the basics. >> i want something where my son can have a nice foundation, build a great personality, and something that will set him up for life to be successful. >> even though catholic school officials have signed off on the plan, it may still be a hard sell to staff. exchanges difficult for everybody. the faculty and the families recognized this is an innovative program that is well established, that strengthens the educational program overall of the archdiocese of baltimore. >> anything that would make saint pius and the archdiocese of better program, i am more than willing to partake in. >> school officials admit there is a lot riding on the success of the saint pius montessori program. >> we want to do this well and do it in a way that allows us to expand the program, not just two
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other grades at st. pius, but to other schools. >> school officials said they will spend time explaining the program to parents as well as training teachers. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> it looks like this cloudy and cooler than normal weather pattern is just about ready to break in the next couple of days. today we did not have a whole lot of rain, just a trace at the airport, but there's still enough cloud cover to keep the temperature eight degrees below normal. the normal is 75 and the record was just a year ago when it dropped to 38 degrees on may 19, 2009. temperatures will start climbing back up as we try things out and bring the sunshine back. low 60's a roundabout way, and not much of a change was down, with just a hint of cooler air
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in mchenry and frost bird. partly cloudy skies to start the day, with temperatures ranging from 47-54. once we get rid of the cloud cover, there is a warmup coming in. the impact of the clouds kept temperatures cooler around here, but all the way up to the canadian border, temperatures in the low 80's. as the clouds shrink, all the warmer air will spread in and temperatures the next couple of days should be above normal as the storm off the coast gets farther away and high pressure moves in from the lakes. later as we head toward the weekend, we will keep an eye on the weather out west. it looks more and more like only the second half of the weekend will be impacted. once we clear the skies out, we are in for some nice, spring weather, not only thursday but friday and most of the daylight hours of saturday as the showers have a hard time getting into the mounds even by saturday evening.
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it is looking more like saturday night or sunday would be the first round of unsettled weather. 77-82 degrees with winds out of the northwest at 5-10. should hit 70 tomorrow at the creek. on the lower eastern shore, temperatures will be comfortable, 77 and mostly sunny. waves running around of ft. here comes some more air, 80 tomorrow and 85 on friday, a beautiful spring conditions. showers saturday night into sunday and the range should taper off monday morning. >> an early lead and a late comeback for the orioles tonight, but can they finished off tonight with the winning streak?
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>> it is powerball, america's favorite jackpot game. estimated jackpot is $145.7 million. tonight better multiplier is 3. 7-58-55-29-2. here comes your powerball. it is 27.
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>> after three straight series, an upgrade in the opponent tonight for the orioles as they open a two game series in texas. their opponent, worst outcome. top of the second, bases loaded, he drops a single into shallow center field. the orioles had eight 2-0 lead. they would trail in the eighth.
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3-3, all tied. now in the bottom of the night, the call at of the bullpen. straightaway center field, alan jones makes the play. michael young tagging. jonesboro's way off the mark and the rookie comes back to win it, 4-3 tonight as the rangers win it in the bottom of the ninth. the season the veal with problems for roberts continues. he had planned to travel to sarasota to begin a rehab assignment. instead, he wound up in a hospital reportedly with pneumonia. it has already impacted his rehabilitation schedule. sergio kindle looks way ahead of schedule. some teams had worried about his knee, but nothing about him on the practice field looks
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damaged. the pass rusher from texas has the kind of nonstop many coaches dream about. he said he wanted to win the defensive rookie of the year award. suddenly proving trickier for him and getting by the left tackle on his way to the quarterback. >> is a gold mine to be rookie of the year, and by no means is that cocky on my opinion. it is just something you have to strive for. i feel like i have enough talent and can build on that and regarding the defense. if everything falls into place, i feel like i can do it. >> high school baseball teams scramble to keep up with the schedule. bottom of the second, that callahan will drive a double into left field.
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top of the third, bases loaded. they advanced with a 10-2 win. some mascots make you wonder what with that thinking? event organizers for the 2012 games announce their mascots to that everyone looks like a parking lot. both mascots have only one eye, which carries a deep symbolic meaning, but just looks weird. i cannot wait for the 2012 games.
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>> warmer temperatures as some sunshine returns for thursday and friday. a chance for showers during the second half of the weekend. >> that is a look at our news. thank you for joining us. [ laughs ]
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